Did you know that your home VHS and tape movies have an expiration date?  Your wedding & anniversary videos, your baby’s first steps, your summer vacation.

All of those old tape videos, whether VHS, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital8 or Video 8 have a shelf life and it’s not as long as you may think. The videos that we’ve taken the last five or ten years with a digital video camera are easy to archive but the videos that we treasure the most are usually on videocassettes. Try taking those with you in an emergency! If those one-of-a-kind family movies on cassette are destroyed, they are gone forever.

We will transfer your tapes directly onto a DVD so that they are forever captured in a digital format. We also take that raw video footage, edit it with custom fades, titles, music and chapters then create a DVD for you that you & your friends and loved ones are sure to enjoy for many years to come.

Great for capturing memories such as a birthday party, wedding or anniversary. Why not showcase a departed loved ones life in video for a celebration of their life you can share with your family and close friends. We also create photo slideshows by scanning your photos, then adding music, fades and titles. These are ALWAYS a big hit at any party.

Video Editing Services Sample

As you'll see from this sample video, we are a full service video editing and audio recording company.  We have the latest technology and are able to import your raw video video tape footage or photos to create a memorable and personal DVD of a close friend or loved one's life or special moment in time. They are surprisingly affordable and can be completed in only a few days.

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